A little about Me

Hi, I’m Tony. I’m a wilderness photographer in Northern Manitoba Canada, focusing primarily on capturing the Aurora Borealis...

A little more than a decade ago, I moved to the vast wilderness of Northern Canada and instantly fell in love. It was a place so different from the small farming community where I was raised, and yet so familiar. The same friendly know-your-neighbors, never-lock-your-door as I’ve always known, but without the neatly manicured, square fields outlined by mile roads and fence lines. The boreal forest that surrounds me now is a place of solitude, of beauty and wonder. To watch a mother cow moose and her two baby calves feeding on willows on a quiet shoreline, or to witness a thousand caribou or more cross a frozen lake, to see the night sky above explode into a breathtaking, organic display of light, these are the experiences I live for, and the experiences I want to share with my two young children.

I originally traveled north for work; I am an electrical technician by trade and maintain equipment in a hydroelectric power plant. My passion, though, is everything outdoors. The swamps, the muskeg, the stunted black spruce and jack pines, the hoards of mosquitoes and the bitter cold, I love it all. Paradise, to me, is any place I can look around and see no evidence whatsoever of the influence of mankind. I started sharing some of my experiences with my “southern friends” who have never seen the true wild. Through their encouragement, I’ve decided to share the beauty of the North with a wider audience.

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